Larry Webb's Auto Repair Service

About Us

Larry Webb's Repair service is a small family owned business dedicated to help people meet their automotive needs. We have been in business for 52 years and look forward to servicing the community for many years to come. When we first started our business in 1959, we had a small garage on Hall's Corner (Hwy 41 and Grangeville). In 1980, we built a larger shop in order to help us with our expanding business and relocated to our current location, 9609 Highway 41. We are the nearest auto repair center to NAS Lemoore. We receive a large portion of our business from our local naval officers and their families. 

We have always been ASE certified and worked coherently with AAA for many years. Now we are independent and running our business better than ever with the help of the Webb family and our ASE certified mechanic technicians.

Cars have always been a major aspect of our lives. Our family raced stock cars at the local fairgrounds and won a generous amount of trophies. As we aged and expanded our family, we decided to put the daredevil part of our lives behind us. We will always have these beloved memories to cherish.

Over the years, Larry has restored many cars. He has a passion for the classics. Some of these cars included a 1935 Dodge pickup,  65 Ford Falcon Ranchero, 66 Ford Mustang, and one of the first funny cars. These are only his personal cars. He has also restored a great number of cars for his customers. We recently restored a 65 Plymouth and just finished a 41 Ford Pickup. The car we are currently working on is a 65 Oldsmobile 442. We think it is going to be his best car yet. You can find photographs on a majority of these cars in the photo album.